The Court is a place where everybody enjoy politely, like a tennis court. Also The Court is your neighborhood coffee shop with a flair for the eclectic. As the longest running independent coffee shop in Karuizawa since 1998. As the longest running independent coffee shop in Las Vegas, we believe in creating an atmosphere that focuses on making friends, drinking good coffee from organic fair trade single origin farms, and eating vegetarian and vegan foods made from scratch. If you are looking for a place to call your own, look no further - come hang out.

Our Story

Kei and Azusa started The Tennis Court and Mothership Coffee Roasters in 1998 with the idea of bringing the neighborhood coffee shop to Karuizawa. Coffee roasting, producing world class coffee, and cultivating a true sense of community have all become an integral part of The Court. The goal has always been to strive for ethically sourced coffee beans, fair trade practices, and eco- conciousness while having fun along the way!